Cracker Jack Mystery Club

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The Cracker Jack Mystery Club



Between 1933 and 1936 Cracker Jack had their largest marketing campaign: "The Cracker Jack Mystery Club." Presidential coins were the prizes concealed in a separate cardboard section in each box. Each Cracker Jack box displayed a question mark. Approximately 32 million presidential coins were distributed by The Cracker Jack Company.

CJ Box

You became a member of the Cracker Jack Mystery Club by sending in 10 (later 5) coins. Cracker Jack would then return your coins, after canceling them, together with a certificate of membership.

Cracker Jack Mystery Club Certificate of membership.
Mystery Club Certificate

There are 31 presidential coins covering 32 presidents. Coin #22 and coin #24 are the same coin because it's the same president, Grover Cleveland. There are two versions of the coins: Coin and Medal which is noted on the backside of the coin. Coins #19 and #28 have an additional saying above the "Join..." which causes the "Join..." words to be almost imprinted on top of each other.

Backside of the "Coin" coin
Backside of the "Medal" coin
Backside of Coin
Backside of Medal
Canceled coins are more difficult to find, only 32 million coins were distributed and of those, under 500,000 were canceled. Canceling was done by stamping "Canceled" on the back of the coin between the phrases "...SAVE THIS COIN" and "The Cracker Jack Co...".
Cancelled Coin

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