From the mid 1930s soda bottlers from across the nation unknowingly preserved forever a piece of Americana on the "painted labels" of their soda bottles.

Attractive graphics, limited numbers, subject matter and exquisite bottle designs all contribute to the value of Applied Color Label (ACL) soda bottles. From cowboys and Indians to bi-planes and zeppelins, many soda bottle labels represent an era-gone-by.

The Painted Soda Bottle Collectors Association is a nationwide collectors' group dedicated to promoting the collecting and preservation of ACL soda bottles, one of the fastest growing segments in the bottle collecting world. Our bi-monthly newsletter, Soda Net, keeps our members current on this exciting hobby. Articles on soda memorabilia and "go-withs" are also featured. Every issue is jam-packed with photos. Members receive free classified advertising with every issue.

Our recently published book, Collecting Applied Color Label Soda Bottles, offers both the novice and the veteran collector valuable information on this industry of the past, the state of the hobby currently and where it is heading. The book contains 400 full color photos and actual prices realized on 700+ bottles. For additional information contact:

9418 Hilmer Drive
La Mesa, CA 91942


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