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This site is hosted by TIAS is committed to preserving your privacy and the security of your transactions with the merchants hosted here.   We have established high standards of security for our computer system and the information it contains.  Our security takes three forms:

Security of Transaction Data

We ensure that your personal data, your credit card data and your purchasing information remain secure by encrypting them as they are transferred across the Internet.

Verification of Transaction Recipient

TIAS uses VeriSign to ensure that your transaction with us cannot be intercepted or interrupted by any third party.

VeriSign's authentication procedures have withstood the most rigorous scrutiny from independent third-party auditors. In fact, VeriSign is the only Certificate Authority in the world to have passed an extensive independent SAS 70 audit by KPMG, the global accounting and consulting firm. (The Statement of Auditing Standard 70, SAS 70, was established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to certify trusted practices.) 

Protection of your personal information

To help us maintain the highest security possible for your personal information stored on this server, we use ScanAlert's real-time vulnerability testing. This technology allows us to detect possible security threats before they give hackers an opportunity to gain access to your personal data. 

The HACKER SAFE certification mark is your assurance that the Web sites where you shop are taking action to protect you from hackers. is committed to maintaining the security and privacy of your personal information at all times — during and after your purchase.  All personal information taken from our customers is stored on independently monitored and certified HACKER SAFE servers.

To earn HACKER SAFE certification, must pass more than 1,500 different daily tests, which probe all of the known methods and tricks that hackers use to break into sites. Our testing must indicate this site has no known security holes, and that site administrators consistently close any newly discovered vulnerabilities within 72 hours.

ScanAlert controls the display of the certification mark, not the merchant. You will not see the HACKER SAFE mark if the site does not pass the ScanAlert daily security audits.

This site has earned the HACKER SAFE rating, certifying credit card security against hackers.
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