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Collector Online merchants join to Create the World's Richest Antiques and Collectibles Shopping Experience

  October 2, 2002 - AOL Starts Online Shopping Service

Collector Online™ Overview

Collector Online™ is the world's trusted online antiques, collectibles, craft and fine art destination, dedicated to serving people with a passion for the handmade products of yesterday and today. Everyone who loves antiques, collectibles and handmade products - dealer, artist, collector, guild, non-profit organization and resource supplier - can be found in this neighborhood. Dealers of antiques and collectibles, from Roseville to robots, jade to jadite; and craftspeople and artists of all mediums, from silver and gold, to needle and thread, to paint and brush, are here. You will also find show organizers, guilds, associations, collector clubs and informative articles here too.

Collector Online™ is changing an industry and improving it for the benefit of everyone involved. Collector Online™ provides global access to everyone in the antiques, collectibles, craft and fine art communities, creating a worldwide marketplace. We provide the tools and resources to fuel the passion and creativity of the members of our community while also offering an easily accessible global marketplace for buyers and sellers. Buying and selling should be easy, fun and profitable and we here at Collector Online™ have the tools and expertise you need to succeed.


Online since 1994, Collector Online™ has evolved from a direct dial-in bulletin board system for antique classifieds to one of the largest and most respected destinations for buyers and sellers of antiques, collectibles, crafts and fine art.  In May, 2003, the Collector Online™ merchants and merchandise became part of, with the combined entity offering over a half-million items to discerning shoppers.

The team at Collector Online™ and are excited to be part of this online community and share with you a love of antiques, collectibles and handmade goods.


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