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2009-P Roosevelt Dime SATIN FINISH Cut...  $3.75

1974 Kennedy Half Dollar from Original...  $1.25

1993-P Roosevelt Dime Cut from Mint Set...  $0.45

1996-S Washington Deep Cameo Gem Proof...  $1.50

1994-S Kennedy Deep Cameo Gem Proof...  $2.75

2002-P Kennedy Half Dollar from...  $1.75

2003-P Sacagawea Dollar Choice BU or...  $3.25

2000-S C/N Clad U.S. Treasury Deep...  $3.00

2005-D Set of Five U.S. Treasury State...  $3.75

1993-S Roosevelt DCAM Gem Proof Dime...  $0.75

2000-S Roosevelt DCAM Gem Proof Dime...  $0.75

All (8) Different Jefferson Westward...  $2.95

2011-P James A. Garfield Presidential...  $2.00

1981-S Type II Washington Deep Cameo...  $4.75

Vintage Open Creamer  $4.50

2010-P Abraham Lincoln Presidential...  $2.00

1997-P Washington Quarter from Original...  $2.00

2013-P Jefferson Nickel from Original...  $0.40


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